Drag queens really save the world


To the editor:

(re: “Story time at Kingsbridge library is now a drag … in a good way,” July 20)

On Valentine’s Day, while we had to endure the terrible news of yet another senseless mass shooting in a school in our country, we also celebrated love, friendship and kindness throughout our nation in personal gatherings, at dinners and public events.

One such event was the Drag Queen Story Time on Feb. 14, held at our Riverdale library branch, presented by the Drag Queen Story Hour organization.

The featured drag queen was Angel Elektra, who also facilitated the same program last year at the nearby Kingsbridge Library.

About 20 children and parents were present, and some of the librarians also participated. The kids — as well as the adults — had a great time singing along with the songs and reading from four children’s books. 

And, since it was Valentine’s Day, Angel also helped everyone assemble red paper heart “lollipops.”

At the end, Angel read from the book: “Love Yourself. Love the World.” What a wonderful way to finish the program!

Per the library’s and Drag Queen Story Hour’s event description, these programs — for children 3 to 8 — raise awareness of gender diversity, promote self-acceptance, and build empathy through an enjoyable literary experience. They teach children to accept and celebrate gender diversity in themselves and others, and help to curb bullying of LGBTQ children.

Hearing some politicians’ viewpoints about LGBTQ issues makes me wonder if adults would be in need of a drag queen time for themselves? Maybe allow a drag queen to host a public debate between candidates before the next election? Or have a drag queen sing our national anthem before the next sports game?

One can only hope, and stay optimistic.

Ron M. Trenkler-Thomson