Excuse me, do you have any quarters?


Your coin collection might be worth a pretty penny, but for some thieves, there’s an easier target for change: the laundry room. 

Fortunately, that doesn’t always work out.

Someone broke the glass on the back door of 6485 Broadway, and walked right into the laundry room, presumably in search of some coins. He, however, left immediately without taking anything. 

Witnesses said the man was wearing a gray sweatshirt and red sweatpants, and was at least abiding by COVID-19 precautions and wearing a mask. 

Police are investigating.

Money laundering? Not quite that

It was first thing in the morning when an employee at an Arlington Avenue apartment building walked into the laundry room and found the power cord to the change machine cut.

She fired up the surveillance footage to discover a man had walked into the laundry room Sept. 28 and used a portable saw to cut the cord and steal $20 in cash from the machine. He quickly walked out, hopped onto a motorcycle, and rode into the night.

The laundry room is open around the clock and most anyone can enter, police said, making catching the suspect quite a feat. Still, detectives are investigating.

The Bronx runs on Dunkin’

A coffee and a doughnut can be a key to getting through a long day — or, sometimes, a long night.

A man walking into the Dunkin’ location at West 231st Street in the very early morning hours of Oct. 3, wasn’t looking for a caffeine boost. Instead, police said, he told the cashier to give him $500.

The man jumped behind the counter, reportedly showing the cashier he was carrying a large knife and that he’d kill him if he didn’t open the register. Once the cashier complied, the thief reached in, grabbed a handful of cash, and according to police, ran out of the store toward Broadway.

Police searched the area but didn’t find the man or any evidence of the robbery. But they are searching for him using camera footage.