Exposing capitalist parasites


To the editor:

Hatred of the “other” holds so much sway in our “greatest democracy” because it’s built into capitalist class rule, in which a tiny segment of the population parasitizes the work of the majority.

The ruling class ideology of inequity and anti-collective exclusionism infects all. The more privileged can’t allow themselves to see capitalism as it is, and the more backward are left and led to take out their fears for livelihood and life on minorities.

The U.S. rulers are the standard-bearers of this unjust global system. Their long history of massacring, enslaving, deporting and ghettoizing the “other” well represents the private-interest cult that can only generate mutually destructive nationalisms.

There is one force that holds any hope of overcoming this pathology in action and in thought. Though their product is privatized, the world’s working class, uniquely, operates socially to provide and run everything. It contains multitudes. It’s the majority.

Only this class combines the collective power and interest to defend itself as well as the small owners and the oppressed. That consciousness must be awakened and mobilized if an inclusive society is ever to be thinkable.

Rita Freed

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Rita Freed,