Fill these potholes


To the editor:

(re: “Potholes? ‘Not my job’ says agency after agency,” May 9)

Like the resident in this story who tried to determine which agency was responsible for Edsall Avenue repairs, I had similar responses when I tried to determine which agency was responsible for repaving West 231 Street between Palisade and Independence avenues. This one-block stretch of roadway is heavily trafficked since it leads to the Henry Hudson Parkway entrance at West 231st.

I have lived on Palisade Avenue for 26 years, and this stretch has never been repaved, although the streets and avenues near it were all repaved over the years.

The occasional filling in of potholes on West 231st are poorly done, and repairs last for only a few months.

I made repeated calls to DOT who told me they were not responsible. I was referred to 311. Those calls led me nowhere. I contacted my councilman’s office, but the staff had no information either, but recommended I attend a community board meeting that was also attended by a representative of DOT.

I did that and was told that the road “is not owned by any city agency,” and therefore, no agency was responsible for maintaining it. This stretch of road is one of those streets “that was never deeded to the city.”

Please, Riverdale Press staff, get involved as you did for Edsall Avenue so that those in wheelchairs, or pushing a shopping cart or stroller, or driving to the Henry Hudson Parkway, or just taking a walk, will have a smoother roadway.

Marion Novack

Marion Novack,