Garden of gourds

The botanical garden’s rite of fall presents a spooky setting for a plethora of pumpkins


Pumpkins are serious business. They make for delicious pies and menacing jack-o’-lanterns — and some are fit for giants.

The New York Botanical Garden brought together some of the world’s biggest pumpkins from this year’s harvest, which were on display through Halloween.

The largest is a 2,528-pound leviathan grown by Steven Geddes in New Hampshire. It rested on its side on a bed of smaller gourds near the main entrance to the garden where visitors marveled at the colossal creation before them.

Yet, the New England titan was not the only goliath of a gourd on display. The Spooky Pumpkin Garden was home to a medley of giant pumpkins, ranging in weight from more than 1,100 to nearly 2,300 pounds, as well as a wide array of scarecrows, with jack-o’-lanterns for heads.

There was the potential for a whole lot of pie, but visitors were content with taking selfies with them instead.

The largest of them all is not, however, the biggest of all time. That distinction goes to a 2,625-pound Belgian behemoth grown by Matthias Willemijns in 2016.

Julius Constantine Motal