Get pols' attention


To the editor:

Our intolerable immigration law and how it is administered; toxic tax and trade practices; wrong-headed racial, religious and gender attitudes; underpaid teachers in overcrowded classrooms; as well as a mendacious medical system and a morbid misinterpretation of our Second Amendment rights, are longtime issues that plague our nation.

None of these concerns have been resolved, at least in the eight decades of my lifetime.

President Trump has been a lightning rod of our discontent. In my opinion, he has been a distraction from the resolution of the above-mentioned social justice issues, along with others that plague this nation.

Demonstrations, rallies, media sources and so on focus on the president rather than on issues, that is unfortunate.

Presidents come and go. Most have been self-serving or special interest-driven. Not to mention buffoon-like, womanizers, and poor deliverers of sanctimonious promises.

We need to do better, or eight decades from now, our nation will still be struggling with these same issues. The suggestion I would make, in addition to demonstrations and marches which reflect opinions on particular individuals, is that there be parades to the voting booths on election days.

The voter turnout rates are a national disgrace. For example, in one recent primary election, New York ranked among the lowest in the nation, barely attaining more than a single-digit number.

Election results are the kind of demonstration to which politicians pay attention.

Ted Fettman

Ted Fettman