Give Lopez some support


To the editor:

I want to invite your readers to support Samelys Lopez for Congress in the 15th Congressional District representing the South Bronx.

Like me, you may not live in the South Bronx, but we have the possibility of electing progressives across the Bronx.

Her endorsements are impressive. They include the Northwest Bronx Democrats, 594 Democratic Club, The Jewish Vote, Jewish Voice for Peace Action, Progressive Democrats of America, Our Progressive Future, Democratic Socialists of America, Bronx Progressives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Zephyr Teachout, Tiffany Cabán, Working Families Party, Courage to Change and Our Revolution, in addition to Bronx Climate Justice and North Bronx Racial Justice.

See all that and more on her website at LopezForThePeople.com. Also check the amazing “redlining” video that tells her story.

This is a special time, calling for new thinking and new politics. Samelys Lopez stands for housing justice for all, Medicare for All, and a Green New Deal. She plans to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with AOC and “the squad” to advance the changes we need — not just in the Bronx, but across the country.

Dee Knight

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Dee Knight,