Police Beat

Hair oil heist a head-scratcher


It was a lot of pushing and shoving to get some hair product.

A 49-year-old employee of the S.Y Beauty Supply II store at 202 W. 231st St., in Kingsbridge, spotted a man on surveillance video mid-afternoon March 25, stuffing a container of hair growth oil into his backpack, police said. 

That’s when the fellow reportedly got aggressive, pushing the woman against a shelf, and shoving two others, all before running from the store, unpaid hair growth oil in tow.

It all was captured on security cameras, police said, giving them a good look at the alleged perp, whom they described as 5-foot-5 with dreadlocks, wearing a gray hooded jacket, black jeans and white sneakers.

Police valued the hair growth oil at $13.


Hop, kick, nabbed

Getting into a person’s home and stealing things can be quite the workout. 

One 23-year-old may have broken a sweat when he reportedly hopped the fence and kicked in the front door of a house on the 50 block of Marble Hill Avenue around lunchtime March 20. 

A witness spotted the guy and called police, who arrived to find the door kicker in the upstairs bedroom rifling through a dresser holding the belongings of a 61-year-old man who lived there.

Cops arrested the man and charged him with burglary.


Bling, bling, burglary

In a neighborhood where criminals tend to target property over people, stashing a bounty of jewelry at home may not be the smartest move.

A 52-year-old learned that the hard way after reportedly leaving his home on the 4900 block of Arlington Avenue in Riverdale a little before 9 a.m., March 21. When he returned from entertaining friends later that evening, he found the pane glass window in the back of his place smashed. 

The guy called police, who confirmed it was a break-in, although no suspects were found.

Cops say the mystery perp made off with a Rolex and a Cartier diamond watch, as well as a couple of Cartier rings and bracelets; three pairs of Versace sunglasses; a pair of gold, diamond earrings; a gold, diamond necklace; three gold, diamond rings; a set of pearl earrings along with a pearl necklace and ring; another set containing a bracelet, earrings and ring; and $1,000 cash. 

Police valued the jewelry and sunglasses at $131,000, and detectives are still investigating.


Sunday morning driving blitzed

One woman may not have wanted Saturday night to end, but her Sunday morning did not begin well when she reportedly slammed her white 2014 Infiniti SUV into a utility pole on the 3500 block of Jerome Avenue on March 25.

When the 31-year-old told cops she’d been driving, reportedly slurring her speech, they detected a slight odor of alcohol on the woman’s breath.

After blowing a reported 0.0973 blood alcohol level on a Breathalyzer test — above the state’s legal limit of 0.08 — she was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.


Bag nabbed

An extra shot of espresso might have helped one 32-year-old woman who probably wishes she’d been more vigilant. 

She told cops she was walking out of her building on the 3300 block of Bailey Avenue early on the morning of March 16 when a mustached guy in a black coat and jeans swooped in, snatched her bag — valued by police at $45, and containing her Social Security card, keys to the lobby of her building and her apartment, and $35 cash — and ran.