Hey, DOT: Time to fix our streets


To the editor:

I would like to ask for your help in publicizing a wrong inflicted on our neighborhood — and specifically at 2727 Palisade Ave. — by the city’s transportation department.

This 1950s building has never experienced flooding, including Hurricane Sandy, until recently when two major floods engulfed the building, causing property damage and endangering the lives of residents as well as the lives of a brave team of employees who bore the brunt of the water clear-up.

All of this is a direct result of DOT sidewalk work, which replaced natural catch basins with massive concrete slabs. As a matter of consequence, all of Kappock Street’s water — diverted from the catch basins — came gushing down to the Highpoint building.

This is criminal. Water will eventually compromise the architectural integrity of the building by rotting the foundation, and the rest is quite obvious.

Remember the Surfside condominiums in Florida?

We in the building — and all around our neighborhood — demand the restoration of the sidewalks to their original state, to avert future tragedy.

Atara Fobar

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Atara Fobar,