Hungry? Try to keep yourself calm


It’s not uncommon to get a little hangry — You haven’t eaten in a little while, and your mood turns sour.

One man escalated that a little too much inside a Kingsbridge Road Popeye’s restaurant on June 29.

While waiting in line to order, the man started complaining about the person in front of him taking too long, police said. He then knocked her phone out of her hands before hitting her in the face and on the arms. During all that, the woman apparently dropped a cash card loaded with $35. Police say the man snatched the card and ran out of the restaurant into a silver BMW.

The victim suffered some bruising, police said, but refused medical attention. Officers looked for the angry customer, but couldn’t find him. He’s described as a man with dark skin tone, standing about 6-feet, and weighing 220 pounds.


Just scooting along

A man was simply walking home not far from the 5400 block of Broadway when police say a boy came out of nowhere — and apparently without provocation — to hit him.

The attacker is believed to be around 13, and struck the man in the left elbow with his metal scooter before running away.

The man refused medical attention at the scene, and police are on the lookout for the teenager and his scooter. Police said the boy is around 5 feet tall, weighing about 100 pounds.


Keep those teeth shiny

At least two people walked into the CVS store at 565 W. 235th St., on June 30 aiming to misbehave, police said.

After flashing a knife at an employee, the pair started pulling products from shelves, police said, including eight Colgate Optic Renewal toothpaste tubes — worth about $130 — a Conair hair dryer worth $41, and some Crest toothpaste worth $4.

They also pulled a 15-pack of chocolate Ensure bottled drinks off the shelf.

Police said one of the thieves was Black or Hispanic, about 30 years old, 5-foot-8 and weighing about 130 pounds with long hair in a ponytail. The other was a white woman around 20 years old, 5-foot-7, about 150 pounds, with long blond hair, also in a ponytail.


A bad omen

June was off to a bad start for one car owner, who parked his 2014 Mercedes-Benz on the corner of Putnam Avenue West and Van Cortlandt Park South on June 1. Sometime before he returned the next day, his front passenger-side window was broken.

Police say whoever did the window breaking also took the driver’s Chase bank card, blank checks, a laptop worth about $900, and the bag it came in.

There were no witnesses and it’s unclear if any cameras captured the event, police said, but the investigation continues.