I have a gun — well, not really


A thief decided to try his hand at acting and robbery at the same time Jan 14. 

According to police, the man robbed a gas station at 6500 Broadway while pretending to have a gun. In reality, the man just wrapped his hand in plastic during the early morning heist.

The thief must’ve been at least a passable thespian, making off with the gas station’s cash drawer, worth $1,800. 

The perp ran west on West 260th Street, police said, right in front of some working cameras. 

Because of that, police have a description of the man: Around 30 years old, 5-foot-11, with a light skin tone.

A clean getaway

One man’s entry into the Riverdale Kosher Market was anything but kosher.

Police say he entered the 5683 Riverdale Ave., business through its side door in the early morning hours of Dec. 1. But he didn’t take anything with him. 

Instead, he moved a single bar of soap to another location within the market.

Despite the soap’s relocation, the perp didn’t exactly make the cleanest of getaways, police said. He reportedly tripped the alarm during his escapade, allowing the store’s management to see the whole thing on their cell phone, linked to security cameras at the scene.

However, the sudsy menace is still on the loose, with the detective squad still investigating.

— Rose Brennan

Stealing in a winter wonderland

There hasn’t been much snow this winter, yet one individual thought they should plan ahead and pick up a snowblower to keep their sidewalks clear. The problem was the snowblower they took — an Ariens 26 Hydro EFI — already belonged to someone else.

The snowblower was taken sometime around 8 p.m., on Jan. 10, according to police, from an apartment on the 3900 block of Orloff Avenue. The perp found their way inside through a rear door. 

Police have yet to catch the snowblower thief, but a camera did catch him last seen walking down Van Cortlandt Avenue with it. 

Police valued the snowblower at $3,500, and the investigation continues.