In the market for a free breakfast


A man entered a West 231st Street supermarket shortly after 7 a.m., on April 2, walking through the aisles. There, police said, he spotted a carton of eggs, took them off the shelf, and put them in his backpack.

When the man tried to exit the Pioneer market without paying, an employee reportedly told him he had walked right past the register. That’s when the man got irate, police said, reportedly punching the employee in the head.

Cops were called and the man was arrested.

Missing rent, but not on purpose

Another dutiful bill-payer got scammed out of her hard-earned money, police say, after dropping a check in the mailbox at 444 W. 238th St.

Days later, the woman found that somehow, the check had been intercepted and washed, with the amount changed to just over $5,000. It was then deposited in a mystery bank account, police added.

As is often the case with stolen checks, police are doing what they can to track down who helped themselves to the woman’s money.

Payday — at least for someone

A cab driver parked his 2013 Toyota Highlander on the 3000 block of Albany Crescent, expecting it would be safe and sound, only to get a surprise a while later.

The driver told police he got a call from his friend not long after leaving his vehicle in the early morning hours of March 30. The friend had news: Someone had broken into his car.

The driver hurried back to the vehicle, finding the driver’s side window broken. Inside, though, was even worse. His driver’s license and credit and debit cards had all been stolen, according to police. The thief had also hit the jackpot, finding and taking $1,700 in cash.

Chase bank gets chased

A visit to the bank didn’t end well for one man in the early morning hours of April 1.

The man was walking home from the Chase Bank on West 231st Street and Broadway, and had just made it to Albany Crescent when two men walked up to him.

The first man, according to police, asked for a cigarette, while the second said “run your phone” before reportedly punching the walker in the face. The men grabbed his Samsung J7 smartphone and $20 in cash before running away. 

The victim, who suffered bruising and swelling, took himself to the hospital before reporting the incident to police.

Investigators estimate the stolen property was worth about $70 altogether. Police describe the first perpetrator as a black or Hispanic man, about 5-foot-9, and weighing approximately 195 pounds. The second also was described as a black or Hispanic man, 5-foot-10, and about 140 pounds.