Is Klein a little too confident?


To the editor:

(re: “Klein, Biaggi come out swinging in lone TV debate,” Aug. 16)

I read with interest your story on the debate between state Sen. Jeffrey Klein and Alessandra Biaggi.

I watched it as well, and my top takeaway was the utter condescension that Klein demonstrated toward his opponent, Alessandra Biaggi. (“Mansplaining” anyone?) This emanates from years of taking his seat in the New York senate as a given.

Klein has counted on years of constituent unawareness about his IDC machinations, as well as primary voter apathy, to claim victory after victory in the Democratic primary. His previous race against Oliver Koppell revealed the beginning of fissures in his façade as the representative who always brings home the goodies to his district.

The landscape has changed. The Trump horror show has activated voters who are waking up to the realities of the Independent Democratic Conference compromises. They are understanding the importance of state government in the Trump era. They are now aware that a state senator who reflects their true Democratic values is key to protecting the interests of New York State.

“Participatory democracy” is the word on the street. Three men in a room aren’t going to cut it anymore. Neither are clubhouse politics.

Biaggi gets this. Klein, who has blocked countless pieces of vital state legislation (through keeping them endlessly in committee) thinks he can still hold up a cardboard check with lots of zeros — and no one will ask about the $88 million owed to our school district.

Currently, Biaggi has more than 80 endorsements. She also has an on-the-ground army of volunteers who want real change.

Marcia Yerman

Marcia Yerman