It's not Trump's fault he won


To the editor:

(re: “Donald Trump runs Senate now,” Nov. 15; “Ready or not, change is coming,” Nov. 29)

This letter is in response to two of the voices who have expressed opinions, the first being Alvin Gordon, and the opposing view offered by Adam Stoler.

As a Republican, I agree with Mr. Gordon. The Senate is now a Trump Republican Senate, 50-47 (I never count Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski). This means that all judicial appointments will not be held hostage by a few RINOs.

Conservatives are one vote away from influencing the Supreme Court for the next 25 years (since his Obamacare decision, John Roberts cannot be trusted).

Yes, we did lose members of the House, but not as bad as Obama did in 2010. Therefore, I considered the midterms to be a Democratic ripple, not a “blue wave.”

Mr. Stoler, in response, does not seem to know that we are not a democracy, but a federal republic. The founders deliberately set up this system so that the views of the minority would not be trampled by the majority.

The legislative branch with two senators from each state, regardless of population, is the safeguard.

As a citizen of New York, I surely would like to be represented by senators other than our current ones.

Mr. Stoler uses the word “ignorance” to describe Trump supporters.

Look how Crooked Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable” helped her. Also, he points to a small change of votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin helped Trump win. Well, whose fault was that?

Bill Clinton pleaded with the campaign to go back to these states. He was ignored, thank God. It’s not Trump’s fault that he campaigned there until the last minute.

Finally, yes change is inevitable. However, not all change is for the good.

Change should not scare us, but we should be able to discern if it is appropriate for our country’s future.

Dennis Donofrio

Dennis Donofrio,