Jeans shopping goes Forever bad


He may have been a little above the targeted age bracket at the Forever 21, but that didn’t stop one man from entering the Broadway Plaza store on West 230th Street and packing up several pairs of men’s jeans, according to police.

He made his way out of the store without paying, they added, drawing the attention of the store’s security officer, who chased him down the block but couldn’t catch him before he got on a bus on Bailey Avenue.

After two calls with descriptions of the man, police were able to find and stop his bus, where they said they found the suspect’s bag full of the stolen jeans and arrested him.

Some things never change

The more things change, the more they stay the same, like the rampant thefts of rims and tires in the neighborhood.

A 71-year-old man parked his white 2018 Honda on Putnam Avenue for just about an hour on the afternoon of March 25 while he ran some errands in the area. When he was ready to head home, he told police he found that all four tires and rims had been stolen and whisked away.

That wasn’t all, though. The passenger-side rear window was smashed, and some damage had been done to the front passenger window as well, according to a report, although it was unclear whether anything had been taken from inside the car. 

All in all, police valued the damage at just under $3,000, and the thief is still unknown.

Bust the windows

In a period of just about 15 minutes on Sunday, March 22, a car parked at the corner of Sedgwick and Dickinson avenues had its passenger side window broken.

Nothing was stolen from inside the car, police said, and a thorough inspection revealed everything else appeared to be in working order — the steering column hadn’t been tampered with, the locks were still in working order, and the damage to the 2017 Saab sedan added up to less than $250.

With no video footage or  other evidence, no one but the window breaker knows who did it. 

A thirsty thief

Whereas some are content just breaking a window and causing some confusion, some go for the gold, and that’s just what happened on March 21.

Sometime in the early afternoon, a young woman told police she returned to her 2018 Ford, which was parked on the 2800 block of Sedgwick Avenue, finding the back passenger side window broken.

That wasn’t all, though. After they broke the window, the sharp-eyed thief made off with $550 in cash, a pair of sunglasses, and several packs of drinks, including Pepsi, Sunkist, and even some milk. 

All said and done, according to police, about $1,300 worth of cash and goods was taken from the car.