Jewel thief smashes window, takes camera


A 52-year-old woman returned to her 2015 Toyota Rav 4 parked on the corner of Riverdale Avenue and West 254th Street on the morning of Aug. 7. And to her dismay, she found somebody liked the bracelet she left in the vehicle just as much as she did.

While they were inside her car, the perp also took a surveillance camera, according to police, possibly to protect their ill-gotten items from other ne’er-do-wells.

Police valued the bracelet at $1,000 and the camera at $450. The car owner told officers the thief also took $30 in cash.


Nothing to see here

It was a big mess, but luckily nothing missing.

A 27-year-old man walked back to his 2011 Audi Q7 parked at West 232nd Street and Riverdale Avenue just after 8:30 a.m., on Aug. 5, to find the rear passenger window in pieces.

The would-be thief left empty-handed, however, because the Audi owner told police he couldn’t find anything that was missing.


Rogue hits Rogue

A 33-year-old man felt the all-too-common heartbreak of a hooligan hoping to score some cash from a quick smash and grab.

He returned to his 2017 Nissan Rogue parked on the 6200 block of Broadway around noon on Aug. 11 finding, to his dismay, someone had broken the front passenger window.

Either the victim kept his SUV spotless or there was nothing that caught the thief’s eye — nothing was taken.


Would-be thief roves on

Just because a miscreant sets their sights on a vehicle for vandalism and petty thievery doesn’t always mean they succeed.

A 52-year-old woman parked her 2016 Range Rover on the 5400 block of Fieldston Road the evening of Aug. 10. The next morning she discovered someone took a crack at the front and rear driver-side windows. They did not, however, manage to break them.

Since the thief didn’t get in, nothing was taken.


From the windows to the wallet

A 23-year-old man won’t have to worry about how his SUV getting broken into will affect his wallet, since the thief took that too.

The man parked his 2009 Honda CRV on the 2500 block of Independence Avenue only to return the morning of Aug. 11 to the sight of the front passenger window broken into hundreds of tiny pieces.

He told police someone grabbed his wallet with his driver’s license, debit cards and cash inside.

Thankfully, he parked in an area with cameras nearby, so police have footage of who carried out the funny business.