Jews support Biaggi


To the editor:

We are Jews who live in Riverdale and throughout state Senate District 34. We are part of a broader Jewish family. We are part of Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and secular communities.

On Thursday, we will proudly vote for Alessandra Biaggi, a true Democrat who can be counted on to bring our Jewish progressive values to Albany.

Rosh Hashana is a time of renewal. We reflect on what we want to change, and we set intentions of bettering ourselves and our communities.

During Elul and Tishrei, we take steps to build the world we wish to see in our new year. As we arrive at the threshold of a new year, we could not be more proud to support a new leader who will bring about the change that our community needs.

With Trump in the White House, the issues that matter most to us as Jews are the same ones that motivate the rest of our neighbors through Senate District 34.

On Thursday, we are voting for the only candidate who supports and will actively work toward increased funding for home care and caregiving services, single-payer health care, affordable housing, protections for immigrants and refugees, fair funding for our schools, and measures to end corruption in Albany.

Alessandra Biaggi is a true progressive Democrat who is the right leader to represent our community in the New York state senate. On Thursday, our vote for Alessandra will be the truest expression of our Jewish values.

Shana tovah, and don’t forget to vote!

Sasha Kesler &  Chaim Kesler

The authors are writing on behalf of Jewish Vote and Northwest Bronx Indivisible, including Betsey Knapp, David Knapp, Amy Schimmel, Sue Ellen Dodell, Madeline Ritter, Rachel Stayman, Aaron Stayman, Ellen Chapnick, Bill Schleicher, Laura Klein, Joel Chaiken, Judith Baumel, Judith Minkoff-Grey, Lisa Fischel-Wolovick, David Wolovick, Andrew Mutnick, Becca Lish, Rachel Mesch, Jennifer Bader, Eric Fisher, Lisa Amowitz, Karen Zelermyer, Dale Wolff, Susan Goldman and Ron Wegsman.