Journalists turning on each other


To the editor:

(re: “Journalists under attack now more than ever before,” June 11)

Recent newspaper doings seem to indicate that the attacks on journalists are coming, unbelievably, from fellow journalists.

When the staff of a newspaper that boasts of printing “all the news that’s fit to print” turns on a fellow journalist because of his approval of a clearly identified opinion piece that happens to not reflect their opinions, that is a clear example of the very outrage the Point of View cites. Here is corroboration of the disputed charge that the press is not free.

This is not the journalism I was taught as a student learning the profession, or in the years I have worked on newspapers or held positions that have brought me in close contact with journalists.

Professional journalists do not become vindictive when they do not get what they would like. To do so is a contradiction of the very press freedom they are constantly defending.

Avrum Hyman

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Avrum Hyman,