Why don't we just ask Dinowitz?


To the editor:

(re: “Board threatens suit to protect natural area,” July 4)

As far as I can tell from your reporting and my attendance at community meetings, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz has not weighed in on the city’s proposal to eviscerate the protections afforded to Riverdale’s green and open space by the Special Natural Area District regulations.

While it is true that this is a municipal, not a state, issue, Mr. Dinowitz has not hesitated in the past to voice his opinion about and throw his considerable political weight at city policies ranging from who is enrolled in local schools, to whether homeless families should be housed here, to traffic calming measures and the location of parking spots.

In opposition to Community Board 8, the Riverdale Nature Preservancy and scores of residents who have spoken out against the city planning department’s plan to strip decision-making from the community board, the Assemblyman’s protégé, Councilman Andrew Cohen, has voiced support for the changes.

Since Mr. Cohen won’t again be standing for election to office, he takes no risk in doing so. Is he carrying his patron’s water? Perhaps a reporter can ask the Assemblyman.

Bernard L. Stein

The author is the former editor and a current publisher emeritus of The Riverdale Press.


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Bernard L. Stein,