Just vote for Biaggi


To the editor:

It has come to my attention that a fraud is being perpetrated in the Democratic primary in June. One “James Gisondi,” the endorsed candidate of the Westchester Republican Party, has “crossed over” and re-registered as a Democrat, challenging the incumbent, the very effective and very popular Alessandra Biaggi.

The fraud? He isn’t a Democrat. If he won the primary, he would be on the line in November as a Republican and a Democrat, thus denying 34th Senatorial District voters a clear choice. His chances running as Republican only in this district are infinitesimally small.

It is essential all true Democrats, not fraudulent imitators playing “Republi-con” politics, come out and vote for Alessandra. We need her back in Albany in lieu of some hack Trumpian Republican playing fraudulent games with our voting rights.

Adam Stoler

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Adam Stoler,