Klein backs senior citizens


To the editor:

(re: “Community elders: Take note,” Aug. 16)

This is a response to a letter from five unheralded seniors requesting that all public officials and seniors not support Sen. Jeffrey Klein in the coming primary. To quote Gilbert & Sullivan, “They are more to be pitied than censored.”

I was a founder of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club and the first-ever candidate to run in a Bronx Democratic primary. I have known numerous politicians in my time, but none more concerned or dedicated to seniors than Sen. Klein.

As former president of Riverdale Senior Services — and a present board member — I am personally familiar with his financial support and dedication to the institution of women’s wellness programs, which have serviced several hundred women from its inception, and for his other financial contributions and initiatives to our center as well as senior centers throughout the area.

I am also personally familiar and have been a participant in Sen. Klein’s Senior Day program, in which he treats hundreds of seniors to lunch and theatre at the Westchester Playhouse, and his sponsorship of the annual Kiwanis Senior Citizen Boat Ride.

The bottom line is vote for Klein on Sept. 13.

Bob Rubinstein

Bob Rubinstein