Koppell backs new candidate in council primary


To the editor:

As the former councilman and Assemblyman who represented our district for 35 years, I strongly endorse Abigail Martin for councilwoman in the June 22 Democratic primary.

Abigail Martin is a fresh, independent voice who will represent the district without ties to the Democratic machine, or the politics of the past. She will bring energy and commitment to improving the lives of residents of all parts of the diverse 11th Council District.

Too often in past years, deals and political alliances have compromised Democratic principles and progressive policies. Unfortunately, two of the other candidates running in the primary — Eric Dinowitz and Mino Lora — supported former state Sen. Jeffrey Klein, and the now-discredited Independent Democratic Conference, which allowed Republicans to remain in power in Albany, to the detriment of New York City and its residents.

Abigail is not a politician. Unlike others who are running, she is a political outsider, with the independence to put our community first.

She is a social worker and an adjunct professor who brings her passion for fighting for the most vulnerable to everything she does. During her career, she has led teams of social workers and volunteers at the Bronx family court to advocate for children and families. She has fought for the rights of crime victims and those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Abigail is a natural leader who has taught at the graduate level at both Columbia and Fordham universities, and has been a committed member of our community for years.

Abigail is a mother of three children and a public school parent. She is deeply committed to supporting education at all levels — from preschool through college, and beyond.

She was recently endorsed by 21 in ’21 — an organization working to increase the number of women on the city council. They, like many, know that Abigail has the best shot at taking down the Dinowitz machine in June’s election.

With Abigail, what you see is what you get. Abigail Martin has the knowledge, independence and broad support needed to win. Please join me and my wife, Lorraine Coyle, in casting your ballot for her this June.

G. Oliver Koppell

The author is a former councilman, former Assemblyman, and former state attorney general.

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G. Oliver Koppell,