KRVC lives again


To the editor:

The offices of Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and Senator-Elect Alessandra Biaggi recently saved the day for the Kingsbridge Riverdale Van Cortlandt Development Corp., and I want to express my gratitude for their help and support.

I hope we will all work this well together for many years to come.

KRVC faced a big funding scare recently. The first state grant payment under our April 2018 state contract was very delayed. Our contract manager said it was out of his hands and that we should contact our local representative for help to receive the payment.

This payment was a reimbursement for the substantial amount of funds KRVC spent to produce RiverFest and provide other community services and events between April and August, and the request for reimbursement had been submitted under contract in September. The delays in getting those funds back were already crippling for our organization, and not getting them back at all would have meant a devastating end for KRVC.

This is our fifth similar state contract, and it was not the first time our contract manager told us to reach out to our local representative for help to get the contract funds released to us. Typically, the pages and pages (this time, 273 pages) of documentation including invoices, cancelled checks, descriptions, etc., is enough for us to receive the reimbursement for the expenses we incur under the contract, but sometimes there are glitches.

This time, when we turned to Randi Martos of Assemblyman Dinowitz’s office, and Andrew Mutnick and Christian Amato of Senator-Elect Biaggi’s office for help, they could not have been more supportive. Within 24 hours of contact, the funds were wired by the state to KRVC.

All of us at Team KRVC are grateful to Randi, Andrew and Christian, and to Assemblyman Dinowitz and Senator-Elect Biaggi.

We hope we will have many years of community service together.

Tracy McCabe Shelton

The author is executive director of the Kingsbridge Riverdale Van Cortlandt Development Corp.