Police Beat

Larry’s is less than lucky on Indy Day


Larry’s Lucky Lotto didn’t quite live up to its name heading into the July 4 holiday, adding to a list of local businesses whose front gates have failed them when it comes to keeping out criminals.

A 28-year-old employee told cops the place shut down around 10 p.m., July 3. But she showed up to open the next morning around 5:30 to find someone had pried open the front gate, shattered the front door’s glass and slipped inside, snatching $95 from one cash register, $200 from a second, and a couple packs of cigarettes for good measure, worth $28.

Luckily for Larry’s, the store has cameras, meaning cops might be on to the thieves. 


Masked robbers flash weapon, snatch chain

Kingsbridge Heights motel parking lots may not be the safest place to hang out at 5 a.m., especially rocking bling.

A 35-year-old told cops he was doing just that in front of the Deegan Motel at 3600 Bailey Ave., a little before sunrise  July 5 when two guys donning black masks jumped out of a gray Toyota Camry, brandished some sort of weapon and attacked, snatching a gold chain from the man’s neck, before hopping back into the Toyota and making a quick getaway to parts unknown.

The masked chain snatchers roughed the guy up a bit, police said, cutting or scraping his left elbow, but he refused medical attention at the scene. And there were security cameras in the area.

Police valued the chain at $9,750.


Bike parked, pilfered

It’s probably not just rims and tires thieves thirst for, but sporty import motorbikes, too.

A 53-year-old told police he parked his 2016 Piaggio motorcycle on the 3600 block of Greystone Avenue around 8:30 p.m., June 26, returning around midnight June 28 only to find someone could well have taken it for a joyride.

Footage from security cameras in the area may provide clues in spotting the pilfered Piaggio, police said, valued at $7,000.