Leave the car, just take the PlayStation


As for many who have suffered losses as the hands of a car thief, an owner of a Honda Odyssey took his turn to be victimized while parked on the 130 block of West 195th Street sometime between midnight and 2 p.m., on Christmas Day. 

Yet it wasn’t the Honda the thief was after, according to a report. Instead, it was the car owner’s PlayStation Portable handheld electronic game console, as well as a Ralph Lauren hat and nine Social Security checks. 

Police estimated the losses at $9,300.

There were no cameras in the area, which gives the thief a head start. But the 50th Precinct detective squad is investigating.

The master’s tools — missing

With the amount of equipment one perp stole the evening of Nov. 30, they can probably build their own hideout.

A man parked his 2000 General Motors Savana outside of the 5700 block of Broadway around 6:30 p.m., returning a few hours later to find someone broke into it.

Not only was the car’s rear right window shattered, but police say a sizable cache of toolkits, drills, batteries and other building equipment were stolen from inside the car, which they valued at $4,000.

Police are investigating.

— Rose Brennan

Cycling through crime

A morning bicycle ride might be refreshing, but it works a lot better when such a ride is done on your own bike.

Someone didn’t get that memo in the early morning hours of Dec. 1, when police say the lock on a garage on the 2700 block of Johnson Avenue was broken. 

Once inside, the burglar made off with a bike worth $500, as well as the garage’s remote control.

The man appeared on a security camera, police said, but there’s been no sign of him since.

Detectives are still investigating.

— Rose Brennan