Let's protect our homes


To the editor:

I live on Sedgwick Avenue and I’m expressing my concern about the sale of 3377 Sedgwick Ave. — a house that occupies three lots.

The house currently is in the midst of a cleanup and demolition. A dumpster was filled up and removed from the driveway. I saw radiators being removed from the house and carted away recently.

This activity has led to the neighborhood rumor that a homeless shelter is planned for the site.

There is a homeless shelter now on the block, 3323 Sedgwick Ave. We do not need another.

Two shelters — and certainly more — will lead to a decline in neighborhood property values, and the overall neighborhood reputation as a quiet and low-crime community.

Lastly, I want to point out the owner received a summons for illegal conversion on May 19, with a hearing date on July 17.

I would appreciate your assistance and support to prevent the neighborhood from becoming a dumping ground.

Darnley Bleckles

EDITOR’S NOTE: The owners of 3377 Sedgwick Ave., have announced no plans for the property, including any demolition. The city’s buildings department did cite the property on May 20 for failure to maintain a building in a code-compliant manner, which carries a penalty of $1,250, and has a scheduled July 17 hearing date. There also are no indications that the city’s homeless services department is using 3323 Sedgwick Ave., for any purpose.

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Darnley Bleckles,