Loeser's Deli Place set to be dedicated


Beginning March 30, the intersection of West 231st Street and Godwin Terrace will have a new name — at least in the ceremonial sense.

Signs will go up that weekend giving that intersection the designation of Loeser’s Deli Place, in honor of the long-running Loeser’s Kosher Deli on West 231st.

While it’s not uncommon for streets and intersections to be ceremonially named after influential people who have passed away, bestowing such an honor to a business created some controversy, at least by Community Board 8, which ultimately failed to endorse such an idea.

But Loeser’s — which has operated just off Broadway for nearly six decades — didn’t need the community board, and instead got support from Councilman Andrew Cohen, who included the naming as part of more than 50 others the city council voted on last December.

Late last year, the community board amended its rules to apply its same naming guidelines to parks and athletic fields as it does streets — typically a two-year wait after someone’s passing — but did not expand the rules to include longstanding businesses, despite the application from the Loeser’s family.

Ceremonial renamings like this one do not actually change the name of the street, so businesses and homes situated in that intersection won’t have to start using a new address.


Avoid walking on thin ice ... really

Now that snow has finally started falling after what has been a rather mild winter, city parks commissioner Mitchell Silver is warning anyone tempted to walk on ice over lakes and ponds should instead walk around.

“No matter how beautiful the ice may look, it can be extremely dangerous,” Silver said, in a release. “Be smart. Don’t risk your life for a selfie on the ice.”

There are 96 ponds and lakes in parks across the city, according to the parks department, and signs have gone up around many of them warning about the dangers of thin ice. Red ladders have also been installed near some larger ponds and lakes, to be used only by emergency personnel if someone doesn’t heed Silver’s warning.

If you do end up on ice and it starts cracking, the best thing you can do is lie down immediately to try and distribute your weight. And if you witness anyone falling through the ice, call 911 immediately — don’t attempt to make a rescue yourself.


Elevators for Metro-North stations

There’s been plenty of talk about making subways more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but what about Metro-North stations?

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz wants to see elevators put up at all Metro-North stations, especially the Spuyten Duvyil stop.

Located at the junction of the Harlem and Hudson rivers, this stop rests at the bottom of a hill, and forces riders to climb three flights of stairs, about 40 feet tall, Dinowitz said.

The Assemblyman renewed his push for elevators after Malaysia Goodson — a 22-year-old mother from Stamford, Connecticut — fell down the stairs at the 53rd Street subway station in Manhattan and died.

“Our community has always needed more accessible mass transit, but the tragedy of Ms. Goodson on (Jan. 28) has highlighted the real fear that many people have every day when using or deciding not to use the subway and Metro-North,” Dinowitz said, in a release. “Even in context of the MTA’s horrible track record of shirking responsibility for ADA compliance, the Bronx has historically been underserved in terms of accessible mass transit.”