The market we do miss


To the editor:

(re: “Trader Joe’s could make difference opening store here,” July 11)

Thank you to Sen. Alessandra Biaggi for standing up for fresh, healthy food for those of us in the Bronx. I write to ask her to make a specific appeal for the GrowNYC summer farmers’ markets. My focus is to restore the one we have had for several years at Riverdale Neighborhood House, as well as the one on West 225th Street across from the Target store.

As Sen. Biaggi points out, the benefits from having a market like Trader Joe’s are many, and are wonderful. During the summer, those benefits are multiplied because the farmers’ markets bring right-to-hand, picked-last-night fruits and vegetables. The time to begin the campaign is this summer, so we can eat well and healthily next summer.

Rita Karig


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Rita Karig,