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To the editor:

(re: “Anger is just not the way to go,” Dec. 19)

Adam Stoler has repeatedly called for censoring Alvin Gordon. He falsely accused Gordon of libel for his fact-based Point of View about Hillary Clinton back in February 2018.

In a June 2018 letter, Stoler denies that he’s for censorship, saying, “I said Gordon’s ad hominem attacks serve no purpose being published, not advocating for not publishing Mr. Gordon’s letters.”

But in the same paragraph, Stoler contradicts himself, proclaiming, “If the letters are personal attacks, then it is up to Mr. Gordon to reach up to the community standards, not have us as a community drag ourselves down to his level.” In the next paragraph, Stoler adds, “That is the choice here, not publishing his letters.”

His closing sentence exposes Stoler’s hypocrisy when he says, “I say Mr. Gordon should straighten up and offer his opinion on issues, not people.” My problem with Stoler is that he avoids the issues and attacks people.

Of course, this is easier. You don’t need to read and research to launch a personal attack. That’s why I call him lazy.

For instance, take Gordon’s Point of View from last March. I found numerous flaws in Gordon’s arguments. But I initially figured there are plenty of Democrats in Riverdale, so let one of them rebut it.

Unfortunately, the only rebuttal came from Stoler on April 5. Stoler lazily dismissed Gordon’s arguments as “right-wing tropes” without rebutting them. It took me to factually rebut him, point by point, in a letter I had published a month later.

Now a response to Gordon’s letter (re: “Winning isn’t everything when talking impeachment,” Dec. 5), which would not have even required that much work. Skip Gordon’s arguments that make sense and concentrate on two weaknesses in his defense of President Donald Trump.

Trump’s own version of his call with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy shows his guilt, and Trump denied himself due process by refusing to participate in the impeachment hearings.

That’s too much work for Stoler as he again attacks Gordon on Dec. 19.

In Stoler’s personal attack against me, ironically headlined “This is a period to be more civil” on Nov. 28, Stoler has the gall to claim I have “disrespect for First Amendment freedoms.” That’s like Trump calling someone a racist.

Going back to his most recent letter, Stoler describes himself as a “recovering anger-holic.” I think Stoler has a lot more recovering to do.

Richard Warren

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Richard Warren,