Memo to Mr. Gordon


To the editor:

(re: “Engel needs to prove innocence,” Oct. 4)

Just a point of information, Mr. Alvin Gordon: In our system of justice, especially if one is to criticize it justly, the critic should be familiar with its workings. That is, know from whence one talks.

No one in the United States “needs to prove themselves innocent” of anything. The standard is one of not guilty by a reasonable doubt. And that is in a courtroom. For “proving innocence,” one must reside in a place where the Napoleonic Code is the law of the land, say Louisiana — and France — for example.

When anyone is nominated for the highest court of the land, their character should be beyond reproach, and emotionally stable. Brett Kavanaugh’s is apparently not. Most who saw his behavior would not hire him to sweep the floor much less be a justice of any court. I bet you and those you know never cried at a job interview (which is what his testimony was, in fact).

It’s time for you, sir, to stop defending the indefensible, be patriotic, and look out for what is best for the country and our neighborhood as a whole.

Our country needs your reasonable and contrary input, but not your angry and off-target outbursts.

Our country and neighborhood will benefit — and so will you — from your positive, uplifting suggestions. Let’s take them out for a spin in these columns someday soon, shall we?

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler,