Motorcycle saved thanks to GPS


If you’re going to steal a motorcycle, maybe make sure there’s no tracking device on it first.

One thief didn’t think of this when they stole a motorcycle parked in front of a home at the 2700 block of  Webb Avenue sometime before 5 a.m., on April 6. The blue Suzuki GSX-R600 was valued by police at $6,200.

But it was hardly a clean getaway. The moment the bike was stolen, its owner received an alert on his smartphone letting him know it was moving. He tracked it all the way to Valentine Avenue in Fordham Manor, getting police officers from the 46th Precinct involved.

Cops there said they located the motorbike inside a Blue Honda Odyssey, returning it to its rightful owner.

Don’t be a cone head

Road cones are usually meant for directing traffic and cordoning off construction sites. But someone decided to repurpose one cone, chucking it through the window of the Foodtown at 5555 Broadway on March 15. 

The vandalism took place around 8:30 that night, police said, causing somewhere between $600 and $800 worth of damage to the window. 

Police are not without leads, however. They’re looking for a 30-year-old Black man, standing 5-foot-6 and weighing 160 pounds.