My angel, Judy Milstein


To the editor:

Today was a day I met an angel. I was in the pharmacy on Riverdale Avenue and West 238th Street, on line. Suddenly unwell, I threw stuff on the counter and said I don’t feel well.

Got really sick onto the street — no garbage pails. Have abscess in toe, new medicine. My angel was the woman on line ahead of me. I did not know her. She tried to get me a chair, stayed with me to make sure I was OK and insisted on dropping me off with her taxi (even though she was going in the opposite direction).

She wouldn’t take money for the taxi either.

I really needed a hand in that moment. Thank you, Judy Milstein! If you know her, hug her for me.

Bless your soul.

Theresa Daly

Theresa Daly,