Need an ATM card? Just make a hole


There are ways to take out cash from an ATM, but usually it’s through the slot in the front of the machine.

Yet two people found a different way to get their cash just before lunch Oct. 23 at 6200 Riverdale Ave., managing to create a hole in the side of the machine. How they did it is still a mystery, even to the New York Police Department. 

The thieves were able to reach in and grab just under $1,500 in cash.

Just a couple of days before that incident, a pair of burglars reportedly took a crowbar to the door of another property managed by the same group that maintains 6200 Riverdale, this time at 3220 Fairfield Ave. There they tried to pry open the door in plain view of a security camera. 

Stealing from the host

Can’t trust anyone these days. Not even so-called friends who show up to party.

A 54-year-old woman learned that the hard way Oct. 23 at a party she was throwing in her apartment on the 4600 block of Delafield Avenue. About 30 people gathered for the shindig, but the woman now believes one of her guests may have been a thief. 

The party crasher took $10,000 in cash, and about 5,000 more in Euros, police said. They also reportedly took a pearl ring police valued at $1,500 along with multiple credit cards. 

The case is still under investigation.


Breaking the law to get clean

Personal hygiene seems to be the focus of a 33-year-old woman caught Oct. 23 reportedly trying to snag several items from the Rite Aid at 21 Knolls Crescent.

Among the plundered items, according to police, were two bars of soap, skin moisturizer, shampoo as well as some other toiletries — all valued at just over $120. 

She was caught when one of the store’s employees tried to stop her. As a result, the worker was reportedly pushed and hit, suffering a lacerated finger in the process. 

Hungry, beaten down and robbed

All he wanted was a bite to eat. Instead, a 33-year-old was punched multiple times in the face, just so someone could steal his phone and wallet.

It all happened the evening of Oct. 29 near the 490 block of West 238th Street. There, police said, the man was approached by someone who asked him the time. When he pulled out his iPhone 6 to check, the man was beaten and robbed.

His wallet contained several credit cards and his driver’s license, but no cash, police said. Detectives are still investigating.