Police Beat

New headphones, smartphone needed


A man on his way to the gym for a Sunday morning workout instead got robbed.

It happened in front of the Astral Fitness health club at 5500 Broadway in Kingsbridge on Dec. 10 around 11 a.m., according to police.

The guy reportedly got off the southbound Bx9 bus at West 230th Street and Broadway, and was crossing the street toward the fitness center. Once he reached the sidewalk island at the intersection of Exterior, West 230th and Broadway, two men stopped him and snatched right off his head his Beats headphones, which police valued at $220. 

They also demanded his cell phone — a gold iPhone 6s with a black case — valued at $250. 

Stolen goods in hand, the perps fled north on Broadway.

No one got hurt and no weapons were displayed. The attackers both looked to be about 18, according to police, around 5-foot-10, and weighed around 160 pounds.

Detectives are still investigating.


Rims and tires go missing — again

There seems to be no end to the string of rim and tire thefts taking place in this part of the Bronx these days. 

It happened this time in North Riverdale on Arlington Avenue and West 256th Street where, the victim told police, he’d parked his 2017 black Honda Accord. 

Sometime between 3 a.m. and 8 p.m., on Dec. 10, someone took all four 19-inch tires and rims from the vehicle, which police valued at $2,000.

There were no witnesses or cameras to help investigators track down the mystery thief.

Police are calling it grand larceny, and are still investigating.