No food trucks here


To the editor:

I’m a resident of Riverdale for many years. I grew up here and even went to grammar school at St. Gabriel’s. Both of my children attend school in the neighborhood.

I was out to dinner one recent evening for my daughter’s birthday at Palace of Japan and came across this large, obnoxious food truck sitting on Johnson Avenue.

This is not something I want to see in this area of the neighborhood. It is taking away from the local businesses (which we support frequently), and it is also taking up about three parking spots, which could be used for people to shop and eat.

Please, if possible, advocate to remove this food truck. I feel a more appropriate spot would be Seton Park where it’s not affecting local businesses.

Hopefully you will help me in supporting this neighborhood.

Jennifer Pedulla


EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this letter was submitted, the food truck in question has moved off Johnson Avenue.

Jennifer Pedulla,