No Health without Mental Health


One out of five persons in the United States suffer from a mental health problem. Most of us know someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, alcoholism or similar emotional problems.

The Riverdale Mental Health Association, now approaching it's 50th anniversary, was founded to provide help to people suffering the anguish of mental illness and improve the quality of their lives. Therapy, as well as psychotropic medications, are often used to treat the whole person.

RMHA brings their services into the schools with our Child and Family Clinic Plus Programs which helps identify psychological and learning problems at an early stage when children are more amenable to amelioration. The programs works jointly with parents and teachers on an agreed upon plan to help the child succeed.

RMHA Life Works Project is a 12 week program that provides career and employment guidance to those seeking to make health, stable career choices but whose lives have been damaged by the isolation and low self-esteem caused by alcohol/ substance dependency.

Bronx Wave is a program for disconnected youth who are out of work and school. This free program addresses their psychological, vocational, personal and family problems and helps develop feelings of self confidence and success.

There are many other programs that The Riverdale Mental Health Association offer. For more information or to explore whether RMHA can be of help to you or your family call 7185-796-5300 ext 111