No money for NYCHA without an audit


Charles Moerdler was disgusted by what he read on the front page of The Riverdale Press on Jan. 25.

Despite millions of dollars sunk into repairs at buildings run by the New York City Housing Authority, problems continue to plague residents of projects like those in Marble Hill and Fort Independence. And Moerdler is ready to do something about it.

“I have reason to believe that at some point, within these immediate few months, there will be made an application by the housing authority and the city of New York for NYCHA to extend funding,” Moerdler said at the close of Monday’s Community Board 8 land use committee meeting. “As a member of the New York City Housing Development Corp., I will not support that resolution unless we have an accounting of what they have done with the money they have already received.”

Residents told The Press about a number of issues that haunt residents, like inoperable elevators, broken front doors and garbage strewn everywhere.

“We’re just residents that pay rent,” said Sieta Montford, who’s lived in Marble Hill Houses for 14 years. “We don’t mean anything to” NYCHA management.

But with his governor-appointed authority on the HDC board, Moerdler said he will do everything possible to ensure the tens of millions of dollars earmarked for repairs at NYCHA buildings end up making the fixes residents there deserve.

“There is very clearly the absence of a compliance mechanism within NYCHA to comply with the existing provisions of law,” Moerdler said. “And that is very troublesome.”

The HDC was created in 1971 by the state legislature as an alternative means to finance affordable housing outside of the city’s capital budget, according to its website. It’s not expected to meet again until the spring.