No need to squint anymore


BronxNet is now high-definition across the board, thanks to an upgrade with one of the cable channel’s carriers, FiOS.

The service provider has moved all six channels of BronxNet to HD channels, bringing it in line with other Bronx cable carriers like Optimum.

Programming on the channel, originally only available in standard definition on FiOS, will now be available on HD channels ranging from 2133 to 2138.

Channel 2133 features signature public affairs and arts programs produced by BronxNet, while channels 2134, 2135 and 2136 showcase a range of talk shows, dramas, documentaries and cultural programs from independent producers with a base in the Bronx.

Channel 2137 features youth-focused shows, while Channel 2138 features town halls and community programs around the borough.


Bar association steps into SCOTUS case

The New York State Bar Association filed a friend of the court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in what it says is a bid to protect LGBTQ rights regarding foster children.

The bar association looks to intervene with Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, where a foster mother is suing the city for terminating its contract with the city’s Catholic Social Services agency, which will not place foster children with married same-sex couples.

The city claims the agency has no right to a taxpayer-funded contract to perform a government service when it’s unwilling to comply with the city’s requirement to accept all qualified families free from prohibited types of discrimination, the bar association said, in a release.

The plaintiff is Sharonell Fulton, a foster mother who claims the city is bullying her to take actions “inconsistent” with her faith.