No pass for just being a woman


To the editor:

(re: “Emotional? Just human,” March 4)

Granted, The Riverdale Press is just a neighborhood newspaper, and not The New York Times or Wall Street Journal. But one would expect its editors to know enough not to engage in straw man arguments.

Yet, in responding to readers’ criticism of Mino Lora’s changing rhetoric about the police, The Press’ March 4 editorial is full of straw.

Elected officials often must respond to highly charged issues. According to The Press’ reporting, Lora says she responded impulsively to an issue in a way she now regrets. Voters would be justified to question the judgment — and, consequently, the fitness for office — of a candidate who responds impulsively.

More likely, however, Lora is walking back her previous response out of political expediency. In this case, too, voters would be justified in questioning the integrity of a candidate who changes their position for political expediency.

All politicians should be judged by the same standards regardless of their gender identity. It is true women are often judged more harshly than men, but that does not mean they should be exempt from any standards.

There are plenty of women who demonstrate both good judgment and integrity, just as there are many men who lack these qualities.

Lora should not get a pass just because she identifies as female.

Ron Wegsman

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