Noise problems getting worse


To the editor:

(re: “Noisy park-goers create many sleepless nights,” Sept. 30)

A recent issue of The Riverdale Press described the noise from parties held at Van Cortlandt and Seton parks.

The police simply don’t respond to 311 service requests.

We who live near the Amber Charter School on Corlear Avenue have a similar problem: The children’s caretakers double-park in the morning and in the afternoon for drop-off and pick-up. Both sides of the street get blocked, and there are about 20 to 30 minutes of loud, indignant honking.

Blocking Corlear also elicits some dangerous “creative driving,” such as backing down Corlear to West 231st Street and into those busy traffic lanes on West 231st.

I called 311 about the problem on Sept. 24 and received a service request number. Before the end of that work day, I received an email telling me that the police had taken care of the issue and had closed the file.

Well, you know what happens next. The police didn’t solve the problem. The complete blockage of Corlear twice a day continues to cause sustained loud honking and dangerous driving.

We in Kingsbridge also suffer from the illegally de-mufflered loud cars, and from loud music playing from cars with immense speakers. Nearly two years ago, someone on Independence Avenue sought the help of Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz because of loud de-mufflered cars using Independence as a late-night drag race site and interrupting sleep.

At that time, The Press reported that Dinowitz sagely proclaimed he didn’t think this issue was a good use of police time and resources. If police resources were used then to nip the rising excess noise problem in the bud, we in Kingsbridge might not have these larger entrenched noise problems now because everyone would know that the police take noise seriously.

But no, that didn’t happen. Now many Kingsbridge residents get awakened at midnight or 1 a.m., by these cars.

Deborah Wallace

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Deborah Wallace,