Not as it seems


To the editor:

(re: “Developer bringing new, rent-stabilized housing to Riverdale,” Nov. 8)

Mitch Perle’s Point of View piece is merely self-serving. Here is what his company has actually done at 2395 Palisade Ave.:

• Filed and posted a building permit for interior renovation only, then demolished the existing building’s roof.

• Deceived local city and state representatives about the nature of the project.

• Presented a plan for a new building without first obtaining a permit for such.

• Failed to conduct an asbestos inspection before demolition released asbestos into the surrounding area.

• Accumulated numerous building code violations for everything from failure to pay workers’ compensation to failing to conduct necessary safety inspections.

• Sent a representative to Community Board 8’s land use committee meeting to lie and to stonewall about the identity of the developer.

• Failed to cover the development site with required netting during demolition.

• Refused to cover the partially demolished roof as requested by the community board, allowing dangerous substances to continue to pollute the neighborhood, and to accelerate the deterioration of the existing building.

• Submitted wholly inadequate transportation plans regarding drilling into the same bedrock that holds up the Henry Hudson Bridge.

• Included city property within the area fenced off for construction.

Building “as of right” does not give anyone the right to ignore and violate the existing building codes of New York City. The community and its representatives have yet to see any good faith communication from this entity.

Susan Hesse

Susan Hesse,