Not even hiding the party boss


To the editor:

(re: “Taxpayers fund campaigns, but little remains in Bronx,” March 4)

In its interesting analysis of how little of the money raised by the city council candidates is actually spent inside the Bronx, where that money is spent is also instructive.

Thus, it is reported that of the modest fraction of the total funds raised by Eric Dinowitz which are actually spent in the Bronx, $8,000 of the $9,500 spent go to one man: Stanley Schlein.

Schlein, it will be recalled, is the go-to man for those interested in a judgeship.

While Dinowitz “the younger” purports to run a campaign independent of his father, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, he has repeatedly expressed comfort with Boss Schlein’s singular control of the judicial selection, to which he is a judicial delegate.

Assemblyman Dinowitz is a major player in the patronage-driven judicial selection process, serving as an enabler of the Schlein cabal. Surely it is no coincidence that of the thousands of attorneys living or working in the Bronx, that Dinowitz “the younger” has chosen to fund directly Schlein, the dominant figure in this destructive practice.

In resigning from his important service as a special education teacher — and replacing it as a go-along protector of party’s patronage embrace — Eric Dinowitz merits being listed as the least worthy of the candidates of the weighted voting ballot.

Eric Seiff

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Eric Seiff,