Not quite $2 million


To the editor:

(re: “Parent associations provide critical, but uneven, support,” Dec. 12)

In a recent story by Kirstyn Brendlen, it was suggested that P.S. 7 Milton Fein School’s parent association was able to raise “around $2 million.”

That is not accurate, even though I understand that the discrepancy originated in the report the city’s education department made to the city council.

The error seems to be a clerical one because all of the entries for our school in the report are misstated with the decimal point in the wrong place.

The reality is that we reported $24,797.70 as total income, of which our parents were generously able to contribute $10,204.25.

It is important that this correction be communicated because we work very hard to try to support our young learners and their families with whatever we raise.

We cannot afford to give the impression that we have anything like $2 million sitting around.

Richard Espinal

The author is president of the parent association at P.S. 7 Milton Fein School.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The information provided in the cited story was clarified in our Dec. 19 edition.

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Richard Espinal,