Nothing new for Trump


To the editor:

In a September 1990 Vanity Fair article, investigative reporter Marie Brenner wrote that Donald Trump was “a believer in the big-lie theory,” and kept a book of Hitler’s speeches at his bed stand. The sources were one of Trump’s lawyers and his then-wife Ivana, respectively.

(The big lie theory, described in “Mein Kampf,” is that colossal untruths can work, where little lies cannot.)

Trump issued vague denials, admitting that he might own Hitler’s speeches, but denying that he had read them.

When Trump started his run for president, Brenner’s article occupied a news cycle or two, and was then ignored.

On Dec. 12, despite certified results showing that he lost the election by 7 million votes — and in the face of an unbroken string of litigation wipeouts — President Trump tweeted, in all caps, “I won the election in a landslide.”

Clearly, Brenner’s reporting was solid.

Phil Schatz

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Phil Schatz,