Oil change was more trouble than it's worth


The Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership on Broadway has seen some tough times, and that appears to be continuing through the summer.

Security cameras caught three people entering the dealership’s property through a hole in the back fence just before 2 a.m., on Aug. 11, police said. They then broke a window, crawled into the garage, broke the back window of one vehicle, and stole five others from the lot.

And those vehicles weren’t for sale — they were customers’ cars that had been brought in for servicing, according to a report. Each of the five was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the dealership estimated the stolen cars were worth more than $150,000 in total.

The detective squad is investigating.


Forget Hondas — think Porsche

Hondas may be one of the most popular targets for stolen vehicles, but sometimes something a little bit flashier can catch a thief’s eye.

At least that was the case Aug. 3. A resident of the 3000 block of Fairfield Avenue walked out to his parking spot around 7:30 that morning to find a big empty space where his 2020 blue Porsche, worth about $66,000, had been the night before.

He had parked the car in the garage the night before, police said, but someone apparently broke in, revved the car’s engine, and slipped into the night.

Luckily, the garage was equipped with cameras, and police are on the lookout for a Black man with a light skin tone, around 30 years old, weighing around 280 pounds.


Why not just get some pizza?

It’s been difficult to operate a restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic. And for the owners of Kingsbridge Social Club at 3625 Kingsbridge Ave., it’s only getting harder.

Cameras caught a man breaking the front door lock of the popular restaurant at around 4:30 a.m., on Aug. 3, police said. He stole $300 in cash from the register, then found a safe in the restaurant, and stealing another $3,000.

Although he was caught on camera, police say there isn’t much identifying information on the perp available.

The restaurant’s front door was damaged, as was its safe, police said.

The 50th Precinct’s detective squad is investigating the case.