Our top choice on the special election ballot


To the editor:

City council candidate Eric Dinowitz shades the truth when he claims he “supported efforts to elect a Democratic majority in the state senate, and make Andrea Stewart-Cousins the majority leader.”

In fact, he worked to return Independent Democratic Conference kingpin Jeff Klein to the senate, where he and his cohorts would have continued siding with Republicans to thwart progressive legislation.

Dinowitz also wants us to overlook that he is running as the Bronx establishment candidate, the scion with a recognizable name, loyal to the business-as-usual machine, which too often stands in the way of our progressive values.

As District 11 residents, we need a city council member who will speak the whole truth to us, and to power.

We want someone who relies on her ideas, her relationships with communities throughout the district, and her passion to persuade people. Not gamesmanship.

We are excited to support a candidate whose thoughtful progressive policies are grounded in her lived experience as an immigrant woman of color who started a thriving nonprofit theatre school that became a center of community activism.

No wonder The Jewish Vote, the Working Families Party, Unite Here! Local 100, the Communications Workers of America, and others are all supporting her.

Just like state Sens. Gustavo Rivera — who ranked her first — and Alessandra Biaggi, who endorsed her as one of two candidates, we will put Mino Lora first on our ballots in the special election.

Ellen Chapnick
Elizabeth Wilson
Jack Marth

The authors represent a group including Kathy Solomon, Bill Schleicher, Annemarie Golden, Dale Wolf, Andrew Mutnick and Rebecca Lish.

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