Pelham saw differently


To the editor:

We congratulate the Pelham Democratic Committee for holding a fair meeting on May 10 in which state senate candidate Alessandra Biaggi received its endorsement.

The historic and overwhelming vote by Pelham’s committee, which has always supported Jeff Klein in the past, greatly improves the odds that Alessandra Biaggi will represent Riverdale as the next state senator in District 34.

Riverdale residents may not know about this significant vote because the senate district is so Balkanized by gerrymandering that we do not learn about events in other parts of the district that affect us. So we’re spreading the news (and decrying the divisive gerrymandering, which prevents the building of community within the district).

We also note that the Pelham meeting was in stark contrast to the undemocratic procedures used by the Benjamin Franklin Democratic Club at its April 25 meeting, to deprive Biaggi supporters of their voice and ensure that Jeff Klein received its endorsement.

Despite this setback, we are working with others in Riverdale to educate our neighbors and encourage them to vote for the candidate who will help make the senate truly Democratic, and be a force for laws and funding to provide equitable quality education, health care, a woman’s right to choose, and safety from gun violence in New York state — Alessandra Biaggi.

Ellen Chapnick

The author represents Riverdale Huddle, including Sue Ellen Dodell, Dale Wolff, Annemarie Golden, Mihaela Ghiuzeli, Julie Marcus and Ruth Mullen.

Ellen Chapnick