Perp's been thinkin' about them beans


For some people, coffee is life. Nothing will make them feel human until a cup of inky, hot liquid sleep is cradled tenderly between their mitts.

Talking to them before they get their regular caffeine fix risks life and limb. And apparently, one coffee lover will stop at nothing to get their cup of joe.

A Starbucks employee arrived at the 3503 Johnson Ave., location around 5 a.m., on Aug. 11. Only, they didn’t need keys to get in.

The perp — someone who obviously works out — threw a garbage can through the store window.

The employee told police nothing had been taken, but the damage will cost an estimated $1,500 to fix.

Cameras inside the store likely caught the caffeine-deprived trashcan-pitcher in the act. Detectives with the 50th Precinct are investigating.

Glass loses to hammer once again

Yet another car suffered a broken window at the hands of a petty thief.

A man parked his 2015 Toyota Camry on the 3100 block of Henry Hudson Parkway. When he returned to the car on Aug. 19 around 9 a.m., he saw the passenger side window was shattered and his wallet missing.

Police said the window-breaker made off with the man’s American Express card, Chase debit card, sunglasses, an auction card, and $20 cash.

Have you seen this saw?

A construction site was a few drills short of a toolbox earlier this month after someone reportedly broke in and helped themselves to some equipment.

A worker arrived at the site on the 3100 block of Henry Hudson Parkway the morning of Aug. 19. He found that someone got inside by cutting the lock on the front gate.

The same someone also forced open two toolboxes and took what was inside. Workers told police extension cords, two saws, two bandsaws, a screw gun, an impact drill, electric metal rail, and a number of assorted tools were missing.

Police valued the stolen items at $5,800.

Major Deegan major expressway rage

Lunch hour traffic really got to a guy who, unfortunately, has a pretty good throwing arm.

A 22-year-old man told police he was driving along the Major Deegan Expressway when a white Buick LeSabre began tailgating him, honking its horn.

The motorist took the West 230th Street exit, and the Buick driver followed. The Buick pulled up, and the driver, according to police, threw a spray can at the victim, hitting him square on the forehead. Although he was a bit bruised, he didn’t go to the hospital.

Detectives are looking for the Buick’s driver, described as a white man with short hair, wearing a white shirt.