Please don't forget our history


To the editor:

(re: “Historians hope to find Revolutionary War artifacts at Spuyten Duyvil site,” June 6)

When I was growing up across the street from P.S. 80 on Mosholu Parkway, no one in any of my school classes taught me that right outside the door was the Revolutionary War road from New York to Boston, used by Gen. George Washington and others to travel back and forth.

Up the hill was the Valentine-Varian House where the general would stop, and was occasionally bombarded by British forces.

Only as an adult did I learn about the important history of the Bronx.

This I blame on the ignorance of people, even teachers, of the rich history of the area.

There is now an attempt to further discover the Bronx’s role in the Revolutionary War. It is the effort of the developer of the land that was Fort No. 2, located on Fairfield Avenue in Spuyten Duyvil, to stifle such an attempt.

I am asking that you contribute to the progressive efforts of local historians by mediating the dispute between the developer and the people interested in learning of the importance of their beloved Bronx in our nation’s history.

Steven Scher


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Steven Scher,