Police beat

Pockets and wallets, now freshly picked


A 72-year-old man went shopping at the Key Food on West 235th Street last week when he noticed his wallet missing.

At first, he just thought he’d misplaced it, but later told police he remembered a stranger bumping into him while shopping on July 28.

He was pretty certain whomever it was used the distraction to pull the victim’s wallet out of his pocket and make off with the goods.

They even had the nerve to use the man’s plastic elsewhere to buy themselves some parting gifts, according to police.

The wallet contained an unknown amount of cash, police said, along with three credit cards including one from HSBC, a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and a Social Security card.

The store’s cameras captured no surveillance footage of the harvest.


Making use of utility

Not even ConEd is sacred among thieves.

Police said they were called the West 231st Street at Arlington Avenue on July 30 when someone smashed the rear window of a Con Edison work van. The worker responsible for the 2017 Chevrolet van reported that nearly $1,500 worth of equipment was missing, including a thermal imaging gun.

No cameras were in the area, and detectives continue to investigate.


Cracked but not broken

A 31-year-old woman thought her 2011 Toyota Sienna was safe when she parked it on the southwest corner of Albany Crescent and West 233rd Street at about 5:30 p.m., on Aug. 2.

But when she returned five hours later, she found some mischief-maker cracked her front windshield of her vehicle and ran off.

No security cameras were nearby.

Thankfully, nothing was removed from her vehicle.